Some plots are not in the script – but in your insurance  policy.

Congrats, you´ve done it! Despite facing extraordinary pressure and tight deadlines, you and your team have once again exceeded expectations. The anticipation mounts as everything falls into place: the perfect cast is on set, shooting days are meticulously scheduled, financing secured, and the dream team of director and camera poised for action! It’s time for the first clapperboard to drop!

But suddenly, the alarm blares, sending panic rippling through the set. Flashing warning lights signal trouble, and the realizations draws: this isn´t part of the script! A fire on set? In an instance, time and cost calculations go up in smoke. The crew, actors and, perhaps for the first time, you and your team get nervous. When and how can filming resume? And who will pay for any damage?

In the media industry, proactive risk management is paramount. Through individualized risk assessment and comprehensive insurance coverage, you can shield yourself against unforeseen setbacks. A sound booth without electricity, satellite malfunctions, electronic breakdowns, lost advertising revenue or third-party liability claims – rest assured; we´ve got you covered! No problem – happy ending guaranteed! So, let´s roll camera and action!