You cannot count on
every exception.
We can.

Always maintaining a positive outlook, expecting seamless operations, and ensuring everyone´s satisfaction with anticipated outcomes – positive thinking is indeed the mantra of the day. Admittedly, you can´t foresee everything or protect yourself against every eventuality. Yet, there are moments you just wish for a safety net, allowing you to approach tasks with a lighter heart. And when you realize that you don´t have to shoulder all risks alone, engaging with us becomes intriguing. So don´t hesitate to approach us with even the most unconventional request.

Special risks are our daily business! We are happy to develop customized insurance concepts for your specific industry, aiming to avert unpleasant surprises and safeguard your success from being marred by regrettable incidents.

The sudden rise of an absolute newcomer to the top ten, or a quirky auteur film transforming into a blockbuster – nothing is impossible, and everything is conceivable. Even risks like weather disruptions in business ventures, the failure of a poorly timed advertising campaign, crop failure, or lost income due to the cancellation of a headline act on stage – these financial losses can all be mitigated through insurance. It’s not just a matter of you can, but a matter of you should! Let us surprise you with what is possible with us.